Sharing a Few Ghost Stories With You

Halloween is quickly approaching in a few days so I felt it was appropriate to share some ghost stories with you today. This is a collective list of stories either from my own personal experience, one’s other blogger’s have shared or one’s I’ve read online. Be sure to grab a warm beverage, a snack, dimContinue reading “Sharing a Few Ghost Stories With You”

Travel Guide | Spooky Edition

I’m all about experiences & find it’s the most worthwhile way to spend money. So, of course I thought it be a great idea to share a few spooky-esque places I’d love to visit this time of year. Mystic Falls Where are my Vampire Diary Fans? If you are just as much a die hardContinue reading “Travel Guide | Spooky Edition”

The Blogtober Tag

As I was brainstorming content, I came across a post from Kelly Diane Report who shared The Blogtober Tag where you answer Halloween themed questions. I decided why not do this myself in today‚Äôs blog post. Let’s get into the spooky questions… What is your favorite scent When I think about fall, my mind alwaysContinue reading “The Blogtober Tag”