Guest Post: Seasons Change

Thank you so much Natalie of Let’s Take a Moment for guest posting today. Hope you all enjoy this read about the change of seasons.

I have to honestly say I really love the change of seasons. You see it is during these times you recognize the difference in the weather, sunrises and sunsets and even the colors of the flowers and the leaves on the trees. My favorite season is the fall. Take a moment with me to discuss, “Seasons Change.”

I love the fall because you experience the sense of change in the air. From the weather changing, earlier sunsets, and yes, those beautiful changes of the leaves that will fall from the trees. From when I was young, I can remember loving the various orange and yellow leaves. It was a time to think of hot cocoa, pumpkin spice and other various treats you enjoy during this new season.

Even though, the flowers and trees are going through a change and they will soon go to sleep during the winter, I have to say, you recognize this is all part of a season that take place in life. I also understand that it is during this part of the year that you see that you are getting closer to the end of another year. It is a great time to evaluate where you are and pay attention to perhaps some necessary changes you may need to make before the end the year. 

During a season change you will see the need for warmer clothes and soon you may have to put the heat on to keep warm. For some, during times of change can be uncomfortable but it is part of these changes that new growth can take place in the spring. It is wonderful to get excited about not only that we are in the latter part of the year but the ability to plan for a new year ahead too.

With each season change, I so love to review life and pay attention to where I am and where I would still like to go and the things I would love to accomplish. Fall is such a beautiful time of year, I really hope each of you will enjoy the opportunities to appreciate all the changes taking place outside. I also hope you will take time to reflect on any changes you can work on right where you are to keep growing and moving forward.

What I think is so important to understand is that we do not have to wait for a NEW Year to accomplish new things. Why not decide to do so now? As we embark on a season change, take a moment to reflect, renew and reignite your goals. It is necessary to be honest about these things to continue to grow and maintain your set goals.

I want to sincerely thank Brittany of Mind.Beauty.Simplicityfor the opportunity to be a guest and share about “SEASONS CHANGE.” You can also read my guest blogpost “Accomplishing Goals.” I would love for you to share your thoughts about when “Seasons Change.” How do you respond when you are experiencing changes in a season? What is your favorite season and why? Do you think you can work on some changes even as the seasons change?

Thank you for taking these moments with me.

About me: Over time, I have come to realize that we must take pauses or we are just experiencing life passing us by quickly! Everyday there are several moments we can perhaps all talk about and be an encouragement to someone else with.  

~Blessings Pastor Natalie

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