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20 Items To Declutter to Prepare for Summer

Looking to downsize your home for summer? Here are 20 Items To Declutter to prepare for those hot & sunny days:

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Worn Out Beach Towels

I like to keep up to five beach towels ( extras for guests). We are frequently going to the beach or the pool on weekends, so having a small collection of towels is crucial. Make sure they aren’t stained or worn out.

Expired Sunscreen

This is the perfect time to declutter any expired sunscreen & purchase new for the season. Protect your skin!

Ill Fitting / Worn Out Swimwear

Recently, I updated my swimwear collection & got rid of any damaged or ill fitting bikinis & one pieces. This is also includes accessories such as cover ups & hats.

Uncomfortable Sandals / Flipflops

There is no sense in keeping footwear that is uncomfortable & will potentially cause blisters. Some of my favorite brands include Havana, Reef & Sam Edelman.

Damaged Luggage

Summer means lots of travel. Be sure your luggage is up to par & durable.

Ill Fitting Shorts / Denim

A seasonal closet declutter is always a good idea. In the summer, I always go through my denim & shorts & make sure they are properly fitting. This season, I purchased a few new pairs from Loft & Levi.

Excess Water Bottles

I love carrying around my Hydroflask to the beach, hiking or running errands. Staying hydrated this time of year is so important. But we don’t need to hoard an array of options. Be sure you are only keeping ones you regularly use.


With all the road-trips & travels, it’s a good time to clean our cars. Trash any food wrappers & floating papers. I also end up having an array of winter jackets & winter hats hoarded in the back of the car that need stored. I also like to get the entire car detailed & vacuumed.


A popular summer time accessory – go through your collection & declutter any pair that are warped, damaged or out of style.

Books / Kindle Library

Summer is my favorite time to read. Go through your shelves or kindle library & clean house. Check out this previous blog post on 5 Types of Books To Declutter From Your Shelves. Once you’ve decluttered, you can create your summer TBR.


With the weather getting warmer, it’s time to put excess blankets in storage or closets. Go through your collection & declutter ones you no longer want.

Gardening / Yard Tools

damaged or broken tools need to be decluttered at this time. And if you lack proper outdoor storage, you may need to downsize your collection. We tend not to own many yard tools & simply borrow or rent when it’s needed.

Old Toys

This is a task that can be a regular routine. Make space for the toys they are using & will use for the summer season. Donate or store the rest.

Pool Toys

If you own a pool or visit your community pool regularly, you probably have an array of toys & floats. Downsize these items & keep the ones you know will be used this season.

Broken or Damaged Umbrellas

Protecting ourselves from the sun & keeping cool is important this season. Be sure the umbrella you own works properly. We tend to keep only one & sometimes simply rent one during our beach vacations.

Broken or Damaged Beach Chairs

Make sure the beach chairs you own are comfortable & durable. And rarely do you need a bunch of extras for guests. Instead, keep what you use & have guests bring their own.

Craft Supplies

Crafts are such fun ways to occupy your time during the summer. Be sure markers aren’t dried out, papers aren’t damaged & to throw away any trash or unwanted creations.


If you have school aged children, spend some time decluttering or organizing their past year school work & prepare for the next school year. You can also spend some time shredding old business papers or documents you no longer need.

Your Schedule

Summer is the perfect time to reflect & relax – possibly consider a slower summer with less commitments. Learn to say no more often & only agree to the events & obligations you want to attend. Leave people pleasing to the wayside & regain your time.

Your Expectations

Everyone’s summer can look different. You don’t necessarily need to travel far to have a proper summer. You can focus on resting at home, spending time with family or making time for home projects. Spend some time making a list of what you want your summer to look like & make that happen.


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5 Ways I Wouldn’t Be Considered A Minimalist | & Why It’s Ok

It’s so easy to place ourselves into a box. I’ve never liked strict labels because as soon as you veer off the course, you are seen as a hypocrite. Minimalism is no different. As soon as you say you enjoy living with less, people expect you to live in a barren wasteland. I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again. Minimalism & intentional living looks different for each person. But to all the critics out there, here are ways I am not the ‘less is more’ queen you all think I am.

I Enjoy Shopping & Experimenting With Fashion

The pandemic placed me in a serious style rut. I was more than happy to walk out the door makeup less & athleisure wear. And although I’m grateful it gave me a sense of confidence I didn’t realize I needed, I miss expressing myself through my appearance. Lately, I’ve been shopping more often, adding new pieces into my wardrobe & finding excitement over what I will wear to xy & z event. I do try & maintain an intentional mindset when making purchases & I don’t go overboard. But I also no longer deprive myself on new clothing. Life is too short not to experiment with trends, colors & patterns.

I’m Not 100% Sustainable

I do my best with using less & less plastic as well as finding alternative ways that benefit the environment & my wallet. But I am not 100% there. I don’t compost. I shop fast fashion more often than I’d like. And I don’t own all of the reusable tools that are offered. I still love using paper towels & napkins & even paper plates if it makes life easier. I’m trying to be more sustainable but I’m not perfect & that’s ok.

My Dream is To Own a Home Library

I strongly believe the notion, if it makes you happy – embrace it ( unless it’s drugs ). I have slowly become a guilt free collector of books. Reading is my favorite hobby & having my favorites displayed like trophies makes me so happy. It provides a homey atmosphere & I’m able to showcase a side to myself I am proud of. Now, as I read more & more books, I have learned to be more selective on the ones I purchase. I have become rather resourceful with finding free options to read most of the books on my TBR through apps, the public library & audiobooks. I also do yearly decluttering sessions of my bookshelves & donate or sell the ones I no longer wish to own. But at some point I do hope to have a room that is floor to ceiling shelves with an array of literature.

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I Don’t Always Live With Intention

Life can be hard. I tend to let stress overtake myself & as much as I would love to slow down & take in each moment with grace, I’m human. Endless to do lists & circumstances I just simply cannot control ultimately becomes the narrative. Sometimes I choose to scroll Tiktok for a few hours before getting out of bed. And sometimes, making a quick trip to the fast food drive through is just easier. As much as I would love to set better intentions, meditate & write in a gratitude journal regularly, it’s just not the reality.

I Don’t Keep a Strict Inventory

I’ve tried my hand in challenges such as project 333 or limiting myself to a select number of items within all categories of my life. But as someone who declutters enough & refuses to feel deprived, I don’t like limiting myself to a number of items. I will have duplicates in some cases, especially when it comes to toiletries. I own multiple pairs of black leggings because it’s a go to piece of clothing. In general, if you are looking to downsize your life, these challenges really help you open your eyes to how consumerism can get out of hand. But I also don’t want to feel like I can’t own something just because it’s not minimalistic of me.

So, no I’m not the poster child of intentional living. I don’t think there is an ideal within such a lifestyle. I love to organize & declutter. But I also tend to embrace consumerism far more than most. I don’t want to count my belongings & trap myself in this boring box of deprivation. I guess you should call me “minimalish” from now on.


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5 Questions To Ask Yourself When You Have Nothing To Wear

I’m sure a lot of us have had those I have nothing to wear moments as we are staring at our closets. Even though there are hangers & hangers of clothing, nothing seems to speak to you & you are slowly entering a style rut. Lately, as I’m entering the spring cleaning era, I found myself so uninspired by my fashion sense. I don’t know if it’s due to the pandemic & leaning into the altheisure wear trend. But now that we are three years out, I’m wanting to get back into fashion & experiment with different looks. This means, I’ve been going against the minimalist lifestyle of owning a certain number of clothing pieces & instead, allowing myself to be less strict with living with less. I’ve felt deprived & honestly – a bit frumpy.

As I am decluttering my closet once again for the rest of the spring & summer season, I have come up with 5 questions to ask yourself to create the perfect capsule wardrobe.

Do I Have The Basics?

When it comes to your closet, being basic is actually a good thing. Those basic t shirts & tanks are the bones to your outfits. Case in point – the classic white tee & jeans. You just can’t go wrong. As you are going though your closet, be sure you have those essential shades of black, grey & white as well as the colors you love best. I for one am excited to add a few brighter colors to embrace the warmer seasons.

When I Put This On, Does it Make me Feel Confident?

Every single clothing piece you own should make you feel confident & your best. There’s no need to hold onto those just in case items or those maybe one day pieces that will simply collect dust. And as you are decluttering & find yourself lacking confident boosting outfits, it might be time to treat yourself to a shopping trip.

What Am I Lacking?

I tend to discover the clothing pieces I’m lacking to create the perfect outfit. I realized I would love to own / experiment with different styles of jeans & pants. I find shopping for tops easier, so the bottom half of me seems to suffer.

What Do I Need To Stop Buying?

Clothing declutters enlighten me on what I waste money on. As I see the piles of clothing I no longer want, I take in mind & remind myself to not buy those types of items again. It’s important to be smart with your purchases & not buy tons of clothing all at once. Creating a wardrobe you love takes time.

Am I Being True to Myself?

There are times where we dress to impress. But sometimes we need to remind ourselves, our style is our own. And we shouldn’t be choosing clothing based on other people’s opinions. It’s fine to take style inspiration. Believe me, I do it all the time. But it’s important to understand the difference of completely copying someone & wearing something that truly makes you happy. If you feel yourself in your clothing, you are on the right track.

As you create your seasonal wardrobes & let go of the pieces you no longer want, I feel like these 5 simple questions will help you establish a wardrobe that defines you in the best way possible. In the comments below, let me know of your favorite styles & what piece that makes you feel the most confident.