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My Fall Self Care Routine

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Happy Sunday! On this day of Blogtober, I wanted to slow things down & share with you my go to self care routine for fall. I tend to base my rest & relaxation on the seasonal vibes. In no means am I restricting this for only Sundays of course. Whatever day you feel the need for a pick me up, return to this blog post for some inspiration.

When I think about fall, I picture cozying up on the couch in a comfy sweater & fuzzy socks, warm beverage in hand gazing out at the falling leaves from my window. Honestly, it’s such a vibe especially for down days such as these.

Dress Cozy & Comfy

Most fall days, I lean towards oversized sweaters & leggings – but on self care days this attire is a fall wardrobe essential. Basically, I’m looking to be as comfortable & warm as possible & this pairing does just that. I’m the type of person who gets cold when the temperature drops to 60 degrees. Maybe my iron levels need checked. LOL So, bundle me up in blankets & pillows as well because I’m ready to be a toasty burrito.

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Set The Mood

Most self care days I allow myself breaks from all forms of work. But there are the occasional moments where I find myself still typing away or doing some behind the scenes work for the blog. I guess you could say it’s the price we make for fueling said passions. And honestly, I find these moments to be rather relaxing when I set the mood right. In the fall especially, I will light a few candles (preferably ones of the pumpkin spice or cinnamon aroma), dim the lights & just find a chair to melt into for a few hours. Occasionally, I’ll play some background tunes or have a Youtube video playing in the distance – usual videos revolving around true crime or ghost stories this time of year. Another favorite of mine is putting the fireplace video from youtube on my tv (because we don’t have a real fireplace).

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Give My Skin Some Extra TLC

In the fall / winter, my skin becomes super dry. I really try to prioritize moisturizers & face masks more often. In general, my skin care routine is simple. The less products the better for my sensitive skin. But I really love an occasional peel off or clay mask. Some favorites include the Origins Retexturizing Mask & the Fresh Pore Purifying Face Mask . But on a regular basis, I stick to a cleanser like the Cera Ve Facial Cleanser & warm water.

Cook a Tasty & Fulfilling Meal

As soon as the temperature drops just a tad, I’ll quickly start to crave those hardy, carb filled meals. I’m trying to make relatively healthier choices (cue wedding prep), but we aren’t perfect all the time & news flash…it’s ok to crave the pasta! So, on self care days especially, I’ll usually cook my favorite & easy meal which is Fettuccini Alfredo. On the side I’ll toast up some bread, dip it in olive oil & sprinkle some Parmesan cheese on top of everything. To me, this is heaven. Add a glass of orange tinted wine & you’ve got yourself a spooky season type of evening!

Take a Scenic Stroll

I love the beautiful scenery fall season has to offer. The brightly colored leaves of red & orange & the way they sway off the trees into the wind makes me love the fact I live in an area with multiple seasons. Getting fresh air & being in nature is another way I relax after a long day. Even if it’s a quick walk around the neighborhood, I take advantage of the outdoors regularly. I hope to also schedule a few weekend adventures with the fiance – preferably to the mountains this season. There’s just something about staying in a cabin by the mountains / lake with the fall scenery that would make the perfect relaxing fall getaway we desperately deserve.

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Watch a Spooky Flick

The entire month of October, I try & soak up as much spooky material as possible. I love ending the day with a movie or tv show of this genre. It puts me in the best mood. Some favorites include Hocus Pocus, most true crime documentaries, paranormal mini series or even Halloween / ghost story youtube videos. Look out for an entire list of Halloween themed favorites coming up this Blogtober.

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Get Lost in An Eerie Book or Story

I definitely read a lot more in the fall or winter time. I think it’s because we are inside far more often. Of course you can choose any genre of book you’d like to get lost in but I prefer thrillers, mysteries & ghost stories during this season. I recently purchased a reading chair for my office & it’s the perfect spot to cuddle up in a blanket & novel especially during those more blustery of fall days. It’s important to create spaces in your home that invite relaxation.

Be sure to plan out a few self care days this month, especially if you are a fellow blogger participating in Blogtober like myself. I hope this post gave you a bit of inspiration. What’s your favorite self care activity during fall?

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How To Save Money The Intentional Way

My name is B & I used to be a shopaholic. Yes, you’ve got that right, this practicing minimalist & intentional living enthusiast used to spend her money on clothes & makeup like it was water. I filled emotional voids & tried to gain happiness through new purchases. And unfortunately, none of it truly helped. It wasn’t until I learned to reflect on my emotions, honor them & control my spending habits did I finally feel fulfilled. Now, I am a proud outfit repeater & use up my makeup products before I get replacements. I still love shopping but I’ve learned to do it less frequently. The types of things I prefer to buy now are items that can improve my life & experiences that will enrich my soul. Today, I wanted to let you in on the secrets to saving money & being intentional with your purchases.

Create a Wish List

To keep my purchasing less off the cuff, I tend to keep a list of wants in my note section of my phone. A lot of the time, I’ll remember I need something or have a want in mind throughout the day. By writing it down as soon as I think of it, I’m less likely to forget. Not only this, but having a list is a way for me to take a pause & reflect on it for a second.

Don’t Purchase From The Wish List Right Away

Impulse purchasing is where I have wasted the most amount of money. Ideally, you want to wait a few days until you purchase items on this wish list so you give yourself time to think about it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve quickly bought something & completely regretting it later. The worst part is when it’s too late to even return it. Unless it’s something you truly need like groceries, it’s healthier to wait it out a bit. A way to combat impulse buys is to make your lists ahead of time before your usual shopping day. You can even create a spread sheet & budget out the estimated expenses.

Consider A Low Buy Challenge

Challenge yourself to making less purchases all together. Keep it down to the essentials like food, water, monthly bills, & gas. You can even just limit yourself to specific types of purchases like not buying new makeup for a month. I did this with makeup & new clothing where I didn’t buy new items for a few months & I seriously saved hundreds of dollars. This also teaches you to prioritize your spending & always focus on the important expenses first. I know treating ourself can be nice, but it can also get out of hand. Control those spending urges with these low buy or no buy rules.

Ask Yourself Why

Why do I want this new makeup product? Why do I feel like I need this new dress? What will I wear it to & how often will I wear it? These are such important questions to reflect on before making any type of purchases no matter how much it may be. Money no matter how small adds up. So really dive deep into those questions.

Save Your Coins

I am a hoarder – when it comes to coin collecting. We have a large glass jar by our front door that holds all our loose change. Every few months or so I’ll go & cash it in. Can you believe I’ve gotten a few hundred dollars out of just our loose change?! We’ve used it for bills, groceries or even weekend getaways to the beach.

Being intentional with your spending habits simply takes willpower. And when you start to think more frugally, like any habit, it starts to become second nature. Now, when I walk into a store, I can easily just window shop & most days not buy a damn thing. Old me would be shocked. Are you trying to save your money & create smarter spending habits? Let me know in the comments your secrets.